Some say that Ithaca, NY is “10 square miles surrounded by reality.” It’s true. The Upstate town is more of an oasis than a destination and visitors notice it right away. In Ithaca you can swim under a waterfall, kayak in Cayuga Lake, drink wine with an award-winning local vintner, and fall asleep in a luxury safari tent under the stars — all in one day.

Take a stroll through the new, $15 million Ithaca Commons. This open-air, pedestrian mall in Downtown Ithaca is the center of the community’s dining, shopping and entertainment scene. For foodies, the college-town economics, educated palates, abundant local ingredients and creative chefs combine to make Ithaca a great eating town, with more restaurants per capita than New York City.

Plus, there’s great local wine, craft brew and artisanal cider. With more than 100 wineries, 80 breweries and dozens of cider houses, the Finger Lakes Region is at the center of New York’s craft beverage revolution. Ithaca is the perfect base for tasting tours.

The city boasts the perfect harmony of nature and urban flair. See a waterfall three stories taller than Niagara. Taste a farm-to-table meal prepared from the earth. Listen to local street musicians as you shop downtown. It’s all in those 10 square miles surrounded by reality — the 10 square miles of Ithaca, NY.

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